quality incharge job responsibilities

quality incharge job responsibilities

quality incharge job responsibilities

 Conduct the activities of every Quality Inspector, Quality Supervisor working on the floor with the aim of producing the highest quality product within the stipulated time as per the demand of the buyer. Properly controlling its quality after giving it a style operation.

quality incharge job responsibilities
Inform the Quality Manager about the quality of work
When a job comes on the floor, make a test cut to check if the measurement and style is right.
• If any pattern needs to be corrected, consult with the Technical Manager to correct the pattern.
• Meeting with all quality controllers on the floor at the end of each day’s work and taking written reports on the progress of their work.
 Reporting the final of the day and informing the Quality Manager in charge of Quality.
 If any process in the line is too altered, inform the PM as soon as possible and take necessary corrections.
Arranging pre-final inspection before product buyer inspection of each lot.
 Arrange for proper training of all quality inspectors working under him.
A quality in-charge company is responsible for ensuring the production of the highest quality products using the efficiency and effectiveness of everyone working in the entire quality section.

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