garments quality controller responsibilities(QC)

quality controller responsibilities

quality controller responsibilities

quality controller responsibilities

A quality controller is an important employee of a garment manufacturing company. He usually works as a one or two line regulator. For example, create a size set, read the PP meeting sheet, work according to it and explain the work to all operators and line chips. In case of any complication in any work, inform the quality head or reporting boss and find out the solution. Below. The responsibilities of a quality controller are discussed below:


I understand my responsibility as a quality controller to co-operate properly to produce shipment suitable garments for shipment in a timely manner for any style of the buyer as per the instructions of the buyer and in accordance with the instructions of the company key department. I think the main responsibility of a quality controller.

If there is a new style sample, you have to make it properly and submit it according to the chain of command after measuring it.

In case of input of new work in the line, P, P sample, P, P comment and other requirements of that style should be collected from Q, C in-charge and lay out accordingly and explain the work to Q, I accordingly.

Every morning before the work starts, you have to fix the cloth or paper that is given to check the making of the machine and actually clean it.

Once the work starts, you have to see if there is any manpower migration in the line.

Then you have to do stitch monitoring in the middle of the first hour.
Before and after wash measurement should be done. If any major problem of measurement is seen then the Quality Incharge and Quality Manager should be informed.
We have to deal with critical processes.
Garments should be explained with the signature of everyone in the QA department by matching the style at each Qi check point.
In case of new style layout, all the quality inspectors have to explain the work as per the instructions of the buyer.

QIs need to check the checked garments.

If there is any major problem in the line, the quality and quality managers should be informed.

And you have to find out if there is any problem in finishing.

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