newormedia adnetwork2021:most pupular adsense alternative for publishers

newormedia adnetwork

newormedia adnetwork

newormedia adnetwork

Newor Media works with Ad Exchanges on bid billing, which means it tries to find the highest paid advertisers. Newor media receives high commissions for high-paying bidders as well as Publish.


The new or  media launched somewhere in 2018, is very new to the industry, let’s see how it does from a publisher’s point of view.newor media requirements

Newor Media’s advertising requirements

Smaller websites cannot get approval from new media because they expect a large number of visitors to your website every month.



When I applied to the Newor media my website received 91,000 visitors / month.


They expect to manage at least two (2) ad units on your site.newor media review

Your site should be over 30,000 unique visitors per month.

Apply to Newor Media

Go to and fill in the details of your website.


new subscription for media updates

Agreement between Website and Newor Media

YES; New media shows agreement between the publisher and new media to advertisers for authentic purposes.


New media or sending signature agreement, is a digital library you can go to and fill in your company name and surname.


You must notify them within 24 hours when you leave.


Is Newor Media Free?

Yes; Newor Media is free, but you need to meet their traffic needs to get permission.


Newor Media uses eCPM

ECPM or “Effective Cost per thousand views” is used by publishers to determine the revenue generated by a thousand views of ad campaigns and to measure the effectiveness of publisher lists sold on various channels.


For example, if an ad campaign generates $ 100 revenue after receiving 10,000 impressions, eCPM will be ($ 100 / 10,000) * 1000 = $ 1. This means that the publisher can earn $ 1 per 1000 impressions.


ECPM = (Estimated Income / Total Number of Ideas) * 1000


When to pay Newor Media

They have NET30 payment terms for all publishers. You will receive the January benefits for the first week of March.


They have the option of Paypal payment, Payoneer or direct cable transfer.


How many days it takes new media to approve or reject

Newor Media takes about 2 days to notify you that your website has been approved or rejected.


Number of Newor Media ads that you can place on one page

There is no limit to the number of ads you can display on the page, but I would suggest that only 2 ads be displayed on the desktop screen.


Direct sidebar ad

Horizontal ad

If your page has 10 content screens on a web page, you can advertise 10 horizontal and 1 vertical ad but limit yourself to 5 and 1 vertical ad. Make a vertical ad a sticky ad, so that the vertical ad stays on the screen at all times.


You can control which pages you want to display ads from Newor Media.


What kinds of ads does NeworMedia offer?

Standard ads such as (Width x Length, 250 x250, 300 × 250, and Standard)

Recently introduced, Vignette Ads (full screen ads on page transitions)

Sticky ads (sticking to the bottom of your screen)

Video ads

Can you create ad units?

No, you should ask them to create ads. Newor Media should improve this.


% increase in Newor Media compared to Adsense

With my Adsense account, I used to earn about $ 690 a month, for 90K visitors and 200K page views. Revenue is low because 45% of my traffic is from India and 14% of traffic is from the USA, 2% is from Canada, 2% from the UK.


With the same percentage of traffic, I made $ 1100 from Newor Media. So there is a 40% increase in the first month.


Is New Media Better Than Ezoic

No, Ezoic is being developed compared to Newor Media.


When it comes to RPM Newor media and Ezoic both offer almost the same price but Ezoic wins.


I can use Adsense with Newor Media

YES; you can use Adsense via Newor Media, even when you sign up saying “Important: you will need to add the AdSense line to the ads.txt file if you plan to continue using AdSense next to your new units.”


Anyway, I checked out the combination:


newor media alon with adsense

Customer Support

If you send an email to a Newor Media team, it will respond within an hour, but this applies to US operating time.


If you email the working hours, you may have to wait until the next day.


What’s not in NeworMedia

New media is new to the market, which means it is evolving. Below are a few of the things I feel I miss out on in the Newor media


RPM: New media should make a concerted effort to develop RPM reports, at a time when RPM is high or low, suggestions for improving RPM.

Live impressions: You can only see reports from the previous day, if you want to see a live report it will not happen

Geo Interest: Newor Media provides a framework for geo interest where it is located but shows only in terms of revenue but not based on tourists.

Appearance: RPm Newor’s produced media does not report what percentage of ad views are viewed.

Ad Switch: If you want to turn off ads you must remove the code, dashboard, you can not turn off

Top Pages: New media does not show which page we are making money from.

Ad Number: Older google used to limit ads per page and Adsense removed it. NeworMedia also has a limit on ads, about 6. (No official comment but their representatives said not to include more ads)

Final thoughts

If you are using Adsense or Medianet I strongly recommend that you try Newor Media.



Advantages and disadvantages of NeworMedia:


Real-time bidding algorithmic

250+ million unique visitors per month and 1.5+ billion impressions per month for ads

It is authorized by Google to resell the requirement for the exchange of Google ads

Advanced title bidding technology

Unique machine learning technology

Partnerships with leading networks, agencies, and SSPs

Increase ad revenue

Very high number of CPMs

Earnings Calculator to measure the benefits of your website

High quality ads with fast loading time

Improved user experience

Easy-to-use dashboard

Advanced math tool

Strategic help in ad placement

Easy to use

Timely payments

Very limited customer support service


A minimum payment limit of $ 250 for wireless delivery.

 Try NeworMedia Free


NeworMedia Contact Details:

Office: 350 Goose Lane, Guilford CT 06437 | 46 Plains Road, Essex CT 06426

Email: [email protected]


NeworMedia payment details:

Price Model: CPM

Payment Frequency: NET30

Payment Method: PayPal, Payoneer, and Wireless Transfer

Do We Recommend NeworMedia?

Yes, we recommend NeworMedia because it is one of the best ad management companies that provides advanced ad marketing technology to help you maximize the benefits of your website. By joining NeworMedia, you can get a full dashboard, an advanced reporting system, detailed statistics, high CPM values, and much more.


The forum works with the world’s leading networks, agencies, and SSPs to provide you with the best services to maximize your website revenue. In addition, it also provides high quality ads with faster download speeds and better user experience. With this article, we have tried to dive into NeworMedia data, and hope you find it useful.

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