21 best job responsibilities of garment quality manager[2021]

job responsibilities of garment quality manager

job responsibilities of garment quality manager

job responsibilities of garment quality manager

1. Attend work on time and adhere to all company discipline.

2. Develop, implement and maintain a quality plan for compliance with the Company’s quality assurance systems and policies.

3. Study style file, p, p comment well and take necessary preparation.
4. Conducting preproduction meetings.
5. During the PPP meeting to analyze the risk of the leaf and to discuss in detail with the team concerned about the factory production by buying QC.

6. Conducting preproduction meetings.
6. Size set sample measurement and correction.
6. To set up the required manpower
9. Approve the styling check after the first production.
10. Ensuring quality of work of swing cutting and finishing department
11. Find out the root cause of the error and problem
12. To take corrective and preventive measures against problems and errors
13. Work to ensure that any type of styling is wrong and not re-checked
14. To ensure the quality of the product as required
15 Measurement of Before Wash and After Wash
16. Inspect clothing according to style
16. To keep statistical information of various types of errors that have occurred before
16. Finding the work of subordinates and if there is any problem, make arrangements to solve it
19. To ensure the quality of the final product till the end
20. Always keep the concerned department ready for any kind of buyer visit and audit
21. To provide necessary training to the concerned persons if necessary.

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