Important  quistion  of Garments

Important  quistion  of Garments

Important  quistion  of Garments

What does the word GARMENTS mean? What does APPRALS mean?
The word GARMENTS means clothing. The word APPRALS means fashion or design of clothing.

How many sections does a GARMENTS organization have? What?
A garments company has three sections. However, except for official work.

Cutting section
Swing section o
Finishing section.
The following are the details of the three sections:
Cutting Section: Cutting by machine by keeping the size and color of the fabric neatly spread or folded, bundled and delivered to the swing section.

Sewing Section: The work of the swing section is to keep the swing supervisor bundle straight from the cutting and understand the fabric and sew the fabric properly by the operator and deliver it to the finishing section.

Finishing Section: It is the job of the Finishing Section to understand the garments made by Swing Supervisor and to convert the exportable products into cartons according to the number by applying the material in the right place in the finishing section.

Who says single? How many types of units and what are they?
Different measurements mean single. There can be different types of singles. There may be different types of units in different countries, such as:

Yard etc.
These four units in the garment company


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