how to make a website make money

how to make a website make money

how to make a website make money


how to make a website make money

Income from website: To make income from website, you need to create a website first. There are many platforms in the world for creating websites. Such as WordPress, Blogger etc. If I have mentioned two platforms but there are many more platforms. For the website.

One thing to keep in mind here is that in WordPress you have to spend everywhere for a website. But on Blogger you can blog for free if you want. But according to my suggestion, first of all you should do free blogging. When everything is about the website you will become an expert.

how to make a website make money

Then you can work in WordPress if you want. Since you have to spend on all the work in WordPress, there is a possibility of earning more from WordPress. Everyone will say to create a website in WordPress. But you can create a website where you like.

Before creating a website, I want you to keep in mind that the website you create will be liked or liked by people. Remember that you can’t make income without visitors. So of course your website is useful and necessary for people.

If you want to earn money by logging in to the website, it will be best. But never copy someone else’s content and publish it on your website. You can make the website better so that more people come to your website. Besides, there are many experts who can contact them.

You have to pay rent every year for domain and hosting. If you create a website in WordPress, you can run the website for free for a while.

But if more visitors come to the website then the website will shut down.  So in addition to creating a website, of course, the domain and hosting is very useful. If you can do good content, then you can easily earn income.

Anyway, how do we make income from the website?
There are some rules and regulations for making income on the website. If you don’t follow them, you will not be able to earn income on the website. So I hope you will follow the rules and work on the website. You can earn money by blogging on your website.

To be the first to earn income on the website, you need to create an Emsent account. The first income you need to make from Adsense through the website. If your website has good content, you can apply for AdSense.

If you have at least 30 to 40 articles on your website, you can easily get AdSense. However, AdSense is often found in lesser articles. However, if you write and submit more articles, there is a better chance of getting approved. But never copy someone else’s content in any way.

Try to write an article above 400 words in each article. And try to keep at least one post in each category of your website. Design the website well and give some rules and regulations. AdSense always pays close attention to these.

Try to make the contents of your article better and use pictures if necessary. Usually, if these are correct, the AdSense account will be approved. From then on you will be able to see ads on your website. You will be able to earn income from those who will see these ads or ads.

It is possible to earn around lakhs of rupees just by looking at the ad on the website. However, a good amount of visitors will actually be able to earn more. Adsense is an advertiser around the world. Anyone can advertise on Assamese. And from this Adsense you can earn money through advertising on the website.

However, just thinking about the icon, AdSense account can be disabled for various reasons. Because of violating their rules and regulations, your account will be deleted or blocked. So don’t think that once AdSense is approved. It is not right to think so, but it is wise to follow their rules.

The last word of the article
Many thanks to all of you for reading this article for so long. Stay well, stay healthy and stay safe. If you want to know about the article or anything, you must comment. So far the article is like today. Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.


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