GPQ Job Responsibilities

GPQ Job Responsibilities

GPQ Job Responsibilities

GPQ Job Responsibilities
1. Understand all the documents and files including the latest comments of Approve Sample Buyer from Merchandiser and explain to the Production and Floor Quality Team.
2. Approve by checking the yarn color swatch and confirm it by checking it along with production, ordersheet, PO sheet.
3. Collect daily production report according to buyer, style color and factory and give it to the head of merchandiser and quality department and keep it for yourself.
4, according to the latest comments from the buyer to create a size set before starting the production of any style, when creating the size set [styling, knitting panel tension, linking yarn, stitch, shape, wash / handfill, accessories, iron board, measurement and Check the file measurement with the latest comments and approvals of the buyer to ensure that it is created correctly.
5. When checking the size set, if there is any similarity with the buyer’s comments and approval sample, arrange a PP meeting and discuss the technical and quality issues in the PP meeting. The decisions taken by the P, P meeting later to confirm the issues during the bulk production.
6. Understand all the requirements of the buyer from the merchandiser and explain to the floor officers and resolve the critical issues through discussion and work accordingly and check the garments according to the section.
7. From knitting to packing to check and report whether the work is being done according to the buyer’s requirement.
8. Cartoon Measurement and Folding Measurement from Buying QC / Merchandiser and making sure that all these works are done properly.
9. Check and confirm before giving any sample buying queue, CK.
10. To make arrangements to prepare and send the size set, P, P sample, in-house test sample, shipping sample and other samples on time as per buyer’s requirement.
11. To ensure that every process is correct by inlineing it frequently during finishing according to style and P, O.
12. Before final inspection, check the packing list and P, O sheet and check whether it is correct as per the buyer’s requirement and ensure that it is packed properly.
13. If there is any order of the department or any instruction from the buyer, immediately inform all the members involved with the team and the brand and take action.
14. Inline, Prefinal and Final Inspection report as per the buyer / brand style shipment date in charge of all the factories and file and save according to the style.

15. As a certified auditor of the buyer, from knitting to packing of each style, as soon as the work of the buyer is started, inline as soon as the work is completed, 25% to 60% of the garments are completed when packing is completed and above 60% is finalized and 100% is final. Inspect.

16. To show the report to the quality in-charge and production manager along with the concerned supervisor / in-charge of the factory with defective garments and report and to discuss the important issues of the defect with the workers. As well as to inform the Head of Key / Production Director as per the importance of the report.
17. If you see any irregularity in any section while working on the floor, inform the head of the section and take necessary steps.
18. Always work according to the rules of compliance in the workplace and inform the department head when leaving the office.

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