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Pocket type
Pocket 5 types.
Namely 1. plain pocket 2. round pocket 3. square pocket 4. hexagon pocket 5. hemming pocket


Label types
There are mainly two types of labels. Such as 1. main label 2. sub label
There are many types of sub-labels.
Such as 1. size label
2. Kay’s label
3. Device label
4. Joker label
5. Composition label
6. County label
6. Barcode label
6. Shade label
9. Line label
10. U, P, C label
There are also 1. Hang tag 2. Waste tag 3. Price sticker 4. Leg sticker 5. Shipping mark sticker 6. Ratio sticker 6. Poly sticker 6. Cartoon sticker 9. Alarm divider 10. Pocket flasher.

Type of zipper
5 parts of a zipper.
1. Rana 2. Pooler 3. Teeth 4. Tape 5. Stopper
3 types of zippers.
1. Metal zipper 2. Plastic zipper 3. Lylon zipper

Type of asset
Assortment 4 types. 1. Slit color solit size 2. Assot color solit size 3. Slit color assot size 4. Assot color assot size
Types of inter lining
3 types of inter lining. E.g. –
1.T / C inter lining 2. Polyester inter lining 3. Gunwave inter lining.

Button’s type
Three types of buttons. E.g.
1. Poly button 2. Material button 3. Chuck button
Types of hem
Hem 2 types. E.g. –
1. Plain hem 2. Tailed hem or bottom.
Types of yokes
There are usually 3 types of yoke. E.g. –
1. One pitch pentin yoke
2. Two pitch single yoke
3. Two pitch double yoke

Types of dyeing
There are two types of dyeing.
1. Solid dyeing: means dyeing after making clothes.
2. Yarn dyeing বুঝ refers to making cloth after yarn dyeing.

Differentiate the type of marker
There are two types of markers. E.g. –
1. Manual marker
2. CAD marker
There are usually 5 types of markers.
1. One Garments One Way
2. All Garments One Way
4. Block or group marker
5. Swing matching solid marker

Types of cutting lays
There are two types of le. E.g. –
1. Single Parts Lt.
2. Pair Parts Lay এক Cutting one pair at a time i.e. left and right.

Several types of silt
1.Antandered poly
2. ADC Poly / One Time Poly
3. Prillak poly
4. Gadget poly
5. Blister poly
6. Peach silt

Types of gum tape
There are 2 types of gum tape.
1.50 mm Natural gum tape
2.25 mm colored gum tape

What is a light box?
The box inside which the shade of fabric is checked by four types of lighting is called light box.
The names of the lights are given below
** The name of the light in shop light is TL83
** The name of the light in Day Light is D65
** Tungsten Indoor Light (A – Light is the name of the light in the round bulb used in the house
** Optical Brightness – The name of the light in OBA (dark purple light) is UV Light

What is CBM? How CBM is diagnosed.
CBM cm = Carton Bottom Measurement.
CBM = (Length × Width × Height) cm. × Carton Quality ÷ 10,00,000
CBM inches = (length × width × height) cm. × carton Quantity ÷ 61,023

What is 4 Point System? How to diagnose it

Answer: Determining the maximum 4 points in a yard of fabric is called 4 point system.

Below is a fabric inspection of the 4 point system
Size of defect point
3 Inch or Less 1 point
Above 3 Inches, But not Over 6 Inches 2 points
Above 6 Inches, But not over 9 inches 3points
Above 9 Inches 4 points

Liner Yard: (Total defective point 100) / (Length of Roll)
Square: (Total Defective points × 36 × 100) / (Length of roll × width)
40% Defect Acceptable in 4 point system

Some Defects Name

SKIP STITCH অনিয়মিত সেলাই
BROKEN STITCH কাটা/ভাঙা   সেলাই
DOWN  STITCH পড়ে যাওয়া  সেলাই
OVER   STITCH অতিরিক্ত
MISSING   STITCH বাদ পরে যাওয়া
THICK/WIDE   STITCH মোটা সেলাই
OPEN   STITCH খোলা সেলাই
VISIBLE  STITCH দৃশ্যমান সেলাই
TWISTING মোড়ানো
HI – LOW উচু নিচু
UP – DOWN উঠা নামা
UNVEN আকা  বাকা
SHADING রংয়ের তারতম্য
SPOT দাগ
DARTY STAIN কঠিন বা  গাঢ় দাগ
OIL  SPOT তৈলের দাগ
DISPLACE জায়গা পরিবরতন
NEEDLE MARK সুই য়ের দাগ
DAMAGE ক্ষয়
HOLE ছিদ্র
REJECT ছিড়ে  যাওয়া
FLY YARN উড়ন্ত   সুতা
MISSING YARN বাদ পরা সুতা
KNOT গিট্টু
WAY MISTAKE আড়া  খারা দিগ পরিবর্তন
POOR SHAPE খারাপ সেপ
PROJECTION ঠোট  বের হওয়া
CREASE MARK ভাজের দাগ
IRON MARK আয়রনের দাগ
RAWEDGE OUT কাঁচা বের হওয়া
RAW STITCH OUT কাঁচা সেলাই বের হওয়া
UN BALANCE স্বাভাবিক না থাকা
UN MATCHING ভুল মিলানো
LOB SHOW নিচের অংশ দরশন হওয়া
COLOUR  SPREAD রং লেপটিয়ে যাওয়া
MIS PRINT ভুল নকশা/ভুল ছাপা
OPEN SEAM খোলা সেলাই
ANGLE বাকা তেরা
FABRIC   FAULT কাপড়ের   দুশ ত্রুটি
FOREIGN YARN অসঙ্গত সুতা

spi=  stitches per inch

How to do clock wise check system?
Answer: The clock starts moving from a certain place and touches that particular place once. Similarly, Clock wise checking is the process of checking a process without checking more than once and without omitting any process.

What is Garments Safety Issue and what are these?

Answer: After wearing a garment, if the garment user feels unsafe for any reason, it is called Safety Issue. For example: 1. There should be any material in the garment or there should be sharp edges which can damage the skin. 2. Any unsafe stitches that can open at any time can be a problem for the wearer or he may wear in an embarrassing situation. 3. In the case of children, buttons, rivets, etc. can be torn off by biting, or elastic, drasting, etc., so that the material is made in such a way that it does not cause damage.

What is quality?
Answer: The word quality means value or quality. However, in the case of garments, maintaining the quality of the garment according to the demand of the buyer is called quality.

what is quality control?
The word quality means quality or multiplication. And the word control means control. Its literal meaning is quality control. Therefore, the process by which the quality of clothing is controlled is called quality.

Some Important Question:
1.What is shad band?
According to the packing list, two pieces of cloth are cut from each roll by 6 inches / 6 inches and two similar blankets are made by writing the roll number. And a blanket was washed. Then it is necessary to consider the difference and shade of Before Was and After War according to the roll.

2. What is shrinkage report and how to do it?
Formula of shrinkage test ঃ (B / w – A / W) B / W × 100 = SHRINKAGE%
3. What is the formula for expressing gauges from meters?
Answer 6 meters × 1.0938 = yards

Various Name of Garment test
1.color fastness water – ¾ ok
2.Color fastness light – ¾ ok
3.Rubbing Test – ¾ ok
4.Tearing strength test – done
5.P.H. Test – 4.5 To 7.5 ok
6. Stitch Strength Test
This test is done to test how much force is applied to the seam to cut or tear.
7.A.Z.O test
This test is done to see if there are any allergens or skin irritants.
8.Pile Test and Recovery
This test is done to see if there is a lump or bubble in the cloth.
9.Nickel Test
Soak 2 drops of ammonia and 2 drops of dimethine jelly oxime in a cotton batter and rub for 30 seconds on certain accessories. And if there is no nickel, no color will change or any other color will be retained.
10.Feras Test
Before wash of any particular style, a piece of fabric has to be washed by attaching all the accessories of that style on a piece of fabric. Then passing that piece of cloth with a metal detector is called ferrous test.
12.Pull test
Rivet, the pool test is a measure of how much the button can be opened or torn when applied by applying the opposite force. Normally, if the rivet, snap button and sank button are 90 Newton or 9 kg (in 10 seconds) and the stitch button is 80 Newton or 8 kg (10 seconds), the accessory passes if it is not opened, torn or broken.

13.Moister Test
Moisture test is the measurement of the moisture content of packaged garments. Moisture is generally acceptable below 75%.
14. Lab Test
The various tests that are done in the laboratory on the wearability and quality of the clothes are called lab tests.
15.Fusing Temperature Test
A 6 cm. It has to be passed through a thermos lit or thermos paper fusing machine on a long cloth of a specific style which is wide and 18 cm long. Time and temperature given by the buyer If the house with that number turns black, then the temperature and time of the fusing machine is correct.


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