What is meant by Defect and Defective Pieces? Percent Defective How to measure?

Defect and Defective

Defect and Defective

Defect and Defective

What is meant by Defect and Defective Pieces? Percent Defective How to measure?
by Mohiuddin Ahmed in Garments Quality
What is meant by Defect and Defective Pieces? Percent Defective How to measure? | How To Measure Percent Defective In Garments Industry?

Definition of Defect
Defect is the defect of the product due to which the quality of the product is reduced or the product is rejected. When a product has more defects, it is called Worse Quality product. And when there is less defect in the product then it is called Better Quality product.
In the case of garments, defects are those defects due to which the garments fail to meet the quality standards of the buyer. Simply put, defects are those non-conformance or defects of the garments due to which the end customer does not accept the product. For example, Broken Stitch, Brocken Button, Hole, Stain, Spot, Brocken Seam, etc. are some of the common defects of garments.


Definition of Defective
Defective is the product that is found defective in all products. In a word, Defective is a product with Defect.
Defective in the case of garments are those garments where defects have been found. A defective garment can have many defects. From the figure below you can get a clear idea about Defect and Defective.
Defects and Defective
Figure: Defects and Defective

Percent Defective (%)
Percent Defective is the total number of defects found in every 100 pieces of garments checked. The formula for determining the Percent Defective is-
Percent Defective (%) = (Total Number of Defective Pieces 100) / Total Pieces Checked
A sample of Quality Inspection Check sheet Format
Quality Inspection Checksheet Format
Figure: Quality Inspection Checksheet Format
A problem and solution related to Percent Defective


Q: A quality inspector in a line checked 800 pieces of garments throughout the day and found 60 defective garments. So what is Percent Defective (%) of that line?
Here, Total Pieces Checked = 800 pieces.
Total Defective Pieces = 60
So, according to Percent Defective,
Percent Defective (%) = (60 × 100) / 800 = 7.5
That means Percent Defective 7.5% of that line.
Hope you got a clear idea about Percent Defective. If you have difficulty understanding something or have something to know, you can comment.

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