best app testing site list

best app testing site list

The internet is gaining popularity nowadays. There are many types of websites, mobile apps. All these things are tested through different websites and they get paid for each test.Today I will talk about all these testing sites that really give a balance to the online testing work for their clients.The sites to make money on the Internet have gained immense popularity for today’s people and people enjoy many benefits for these sites very easily.It’s a lot of fun working on all these sites and no hassle with money payment. These sites are very trusted.On these sites you can earn enough money by reviewing mobile applications and websites sitting at home. However, if you want to withdraw money from all these sites, you must have a PayPal account with a USA Verified PayPal account. Some sites support PayPal without the USA verified.



The following sites are fully discussed:



Test Bird This site has been online for a long time and is bringing good provost of the people in the world today are earning money by working on this site and their payment system is very nice for testing work to all the people who work on this site. Here you can earn money by website review and app testing. It is very easy. There is no problem on this site.





User Testing This site has been providing online services for a long time and they pay 10usd for testing.If you want to work on this site, first you have to take a test about user testing and if you pass the test then you can work on this website and make a profit.This site only pays PayPal and you get 10usd  for each test.



This site is very good. You can work if you want. They have a very good payment system.They also make payments on PayPal. You get a good amount of money for each test. This site is basically monetized by app reviews.


Below are a few more related sites you can see









You will start working by looking better at the above sites.However, hopefully these sites will not be bad and there will be no problem with payment from all sites.There are many nice reviews about all these sites on youtube and there is payment proof. You can see that the site you like is good.


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