full details of quality supervisor responsibilities


quality supervisor responsibilities

quality supervisor responsibilities
 Understand the style, swatch, samples in a new style unit and explain the work to the subordinate quality inspectors and supervise their work regularly.
Quality Controller and Quality Manager
Monitor whether the work is being done as per the approved sample and check the quality of the product produced.
 Monitor whether the fabric / GSM / thread / care label / SPI of the garments is correct.
• Process to process checking and fabric measurement.
Find out the big and small problems.
Check if the sewing is going well.
• Checking broken, uneven, down stitch and drop stitch.
 Check for oil and other dirt.
Identify the correct measurement of each part.
See if the swing allowance is OK.
 Reporting to senior officer by calculating the percentage rate of alter, reject etc.
 Determine where a quality inspector will work.
The responsibilities and duties of the line quality supervisor should be well complied with.


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